terça-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2009

* ( * * That night ** ) * *

To Q. el qways, dearest forever

That night
Night of dreams and desires
I was trying to get the hidden meaning behind the stars:
‘cause the full moon was so deeply beautiful that
I felt myself connected to something else and bigger and intense and magic.
What could it be?
It was that night.

That night I cried not because of sadness
It was happiness – a deep happiness I couldn’t understand at that moment
Something close to happen
Flow of tears
The stars didn’t tell me anything, they let me realize by myself
That night
When you knocked the door.

That night
As you knew what was going on
In fact I opened two doors, but I hadn’t known this yet
The first one you could see me through
The second one was from my heart.
And then. And then.

That night
My tears
Your long, long eyelashes touching my feelings
Who were you?
Who could you be?

Other evenings and nights came
Breaking rules both of us
Trying our first time, different first times,
Together, always both of us,
All experiences had been special
And delicate like small and wide flowers.

But that night, the first one, will be forever in my memory:
Because behind the stars was written a name,
Only now I got it.
And that name was yours.
The one who pointed me the way to follow
At the beginning of the new stage in my life.
With love.
With so true love,
Between dreams and desires.

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