segunda-feira, 17 de outubro de 2011


One day, by chance, blue shoes came across the rose ones. Astonishment. Hiccups. Delirium. Hola, perdón, ¿puedo estar aquí un rato? Rose shoes couldn’t understand those words, but caught the meaning: Tu es le bienvenu! Timid smiles, fleeting glimpses, almost invisible movements. Que mona eres. Tu es quelqu’un de vraimant charmant, toi. Drops of melancholy from each side: time is extremely cruel as we are within this boderland – nowhere, elsewhere – where reality fits expectations perfectly and that weird feeling of belonging does make sense. Quisiera poder quedar. Je voudrais que tu n'allasses pas. But conjugating verbs like « to leave », « to go », « to move » and so on was a kind of expertise from both Rose and Blue shoes. No es un consuelo. Il n’y a pas d’espoir? Espera: ¿qué más nos resta? Rester. Atentos. Attente. Attraction, sharing. Shapes, smells, sighs. And so, and then, and thus, seconds started to flow again. Hasta la vista, au revoir. And that’s it: thatness.
Thatness, for sure.

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